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Corla Jackson Retained A Lawyer To Represent Her On The Rehearing

In The United States Supreme Court Only At This Time Because This Is Where Case 18-7070 Is At Not Alabama! 



The Supreme Court Of The United States Thought Corla Jackson Made A Mistake When She Said GMAC Mortgage LLC Had Robbed Her February 22, 2017 Under Judge Jay York and Judge Kristi Dubose Because GMAC Mortgage LLC Was Closed and No Longer Doing Business In Alabama and Nationwide.  Corla Jackson Had To Hire A Lawyer To Represent Her In The United States Supreme Court Rehearing To Verify She Was Telling The Truth and More.  GMAC Mortgage LLC Was Illegally Operating In Alabama and More Around The SEC Board Of Governors Federal Reserve OCC FDIC CFPB Wall Street Investors and More.  No Further Comment At This Time.


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